Ambient Co-Packing

Ambient Contract Packing

With its comprehensive in-house contract packing facilities, Blisters Limited can handle the wide and varied forms of ambient contract packing operations with skill and expertise.

Also known as co-packing, the contract packing service we provide includes the production and assembly of a packaging product in accord with your specifications, and utilises the packing facilities, equipment, skills and experience of the Blisters co-packing team.

Using up-to-date-machinery and ergonomically-planned assembly lines, Blisters can provide general assembly work, stripping and re-packing, cluster-packing, labelling, sleeving, shrink-wrapping, banding and inkjet-coding.

The following photographs show some examples of co-packing contracts that Blisters have undertaken for clients. Click any image to enlarge: A further speciality is arranging in or on-pack gifts, covermounting, magazine insertions, and book-work including gluing, sorting and collating. Having installed automatic carton gluers, tray-erectors, auto-shrink-wrapping machines and labelling machines as part of our co-packing facilities, Blisters has handled and multi-packed many millions of bottles and cans of beverages including Lucozade, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Ribena and Gaymers Cider (see also separate section on multi-packs).