Bespoke Blister Packs

Bespoke Blister Packs

The blister pack is probably the most effective and inexpensive way to display and market any reasonably small product.

Blister Packaging is where the product is held securely under a clear, plastic blister that is sealed against a printed card. The clear plastic allows perfect visibility of the product.

The backing card of the blister pack can be printed on both sides to further promote the sale and provided with a euroslot for racking purposes. If so desired, the blister can be shaped so that the pack can be free-standing.

The following photographs show some examples of blister packaging contracts that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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A further version is to trap and seal the blister between two cards, hiding the blister flange to make a neater appearance. An example of this type is produced for Dyson Ltd.

Blisters Limited provides bespoke blister packs which involves originating a multi-impression tool, cutter and seal jigs for each new project.

Blister packaging is suitable for packing and displaying many products for retail including; action figures, stationery, watches, batteries, cosmetics, D.I.Y products, spare parts and magazines with gifts; though blister packaging can be adapted to be suitable for nearly any product.