Bespoke Clam Packs

Bespoke Clam Packs

Clam Packs (also known as Clam Shells and Oyster Packs) are a very popular and practical method of displaying products for sale. The shell can be so formed that the pack can be racked by its euroslot and/or self-standing.

The clam pack, suspending the product and its printed card between the two hinged halves of the clear plastic pack, presents an all-round view of the contents to the prospective buyer. The design can be so arranged that it can be free-standing or suspended by a euroslot.

Although generally more expensive than its rival, the blister pack, the Clam Pack has the advantage of having separable packaging, making it more environmentally sound.

The following photographs show some examples of clam packaging contracts that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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Blisters Limited provides bespoke Clam Packs which involves originating a multi-impression tool and cutter for each new project.