Machine Assembly Multi-Packs

Drinks Packing: Machine Assembly Multi-Packs

Blisters Limited has comprehensive in-house co-packing facilities ideal for producing drinks multi-packs from single bottles or cans. To date Blisters has produced many millions of drink multi-packs for well known beverage companies.

Blisters has several machines, including those of Meadwestvaco, all of which are especially adapted to produce multi-packs for many different pack formats containing bottles or cans. The initial set up cost for a new multi-pack project on machine is not inexpensive, but it can be quickly absorbed by the volume of cases of drinks produced as it is more cost effective than hand assembly. Machine assembly is therefore the best choice for high volume drinks multi-pack co-packing projects.

The following photographs show some examples of machine assembled multi-pack contracts that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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One advantage of machine assembled multi-packs is the use of a card sleeve to hold the drinks, which is extremely environmentally friendly, being both organic and easily recycled. The photos below demonstrate many muli-pack drink packing projects undertaken by Blisters, and in the final frame you can see a Meadwestvaco machine, as used in assembling multi-pack drinks packages.