Over the years, Blisters has supplied various covermounts for many different publications and magazines.

Covermounts may be an attraction in themselves; for instance Blisters designs such as ball puzzles, mazes and other novelties (please see a brief description below); or the covermount may help to protect and hold in place a seperate gift on front cover.

Blisters has vast expertise in protecting a covermount gift from being crushed, particularly during distribution. Examples of those gifts needing protection are tubes of cosmetics, crushable chocolate bars or liquids held in a small glass container. The most common method of covermount protection is a blister pack, which uses strengthening ribs to protect the gift inside. Each covermounted item needs a different approach and the design by Blisters is specific to each case.

The photographs to the right show some examples of covermounting contracts that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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Both eye-catching and compulsive, Ball Puzzles are regularly played, seldom discarded, and because the design they carry is constantly on display they have proved to be highly successful as promotional aids. Basically, the ball puzzle consists of a reinforced, clear blister sealed to a printed laminated card base with strategically placed holes into which the steel or coloured plastic balls are rolled.

The Puzzle Maze has also been designed and manufactured by Blisters in several shapes and sizes. A ball is rolled and coaxed through the intricacies of the maze, avoiding the hazards in an attempt to reach home. Basically, the Puzzle Maze has a card base bearing the main design, with an inner clear forming of the maze, sealed in place by an outer blister.

The Ball Puzzle, the Puzzle Maze and all other covermount novelties produced by Blisters are all CE approved where necessary and have been used to great effect as giveaways, on-pack/in-pack promotions, and for covermount gifts.