Door-Drops & Mailing

Door-Drops & Mailing

Blisters has provided many door-drops and mailshots by using a blister pack as the main structure. This is particularly useful if a free gift is being attached to the literature as the gift or sample is fully protected from children or pets as it lands on the door step of the recipient.

The Puzzle or Maze Mailer can go through the post just as it is, with an extended, detachable section forming a reply coupon. The reverse is printed as a postcard to carry the address label and further copy. Feedback has shown that this form of mailer can earn more than four times the response than the more conventional types of mailshots.

The following photographs show some examples of door-drop projects that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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Blisters has vast experience with mailings and can perform the mail-sort if required.