Both eye-catching and compulsive, Ball Puzzles and Mazes are regularly played, seldom discarded and the design they carry is constantly on display.

Ball puzzles and mazes have both proved to be highly successful as promotional aids and for retail purposes. Basically, the ball puzzle consists of a reinforced, clear blister sealed to a printed laminated card base with strategically placed holes into which the balls are rolled.

Blisters also produce a range of novelties, and as shown in the photographs to the right these include a little pack of potpourri, a novel seed dispenser, a lottery selector, a ‘Roll-A-Play’ dice substitute, and a ‘Tell Your Fortune’ novelty.

Other than the standard range of puzzles and novelties, Blisters can produce bespoke promotions items on demand. One of the pictures below shows just some of those the company has made in recent years: a magnetic ‘Design a Stubble’ game; ‘Spin the Bottle’ puzzle; a device to demonstrate Bob Martin’s Micro Shield; a ‘Puzzle Christmas Card’; a ‘before and after’ puzzle for Maclean’s toothpaste; and a handy telephone list to cling to the fridge door

The following photographs show some examples of giveaway products that Blisters have produced for clients.

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Further to these promotional giveaway items, Blisters have supplied jigsaw puzzles in differing sizes. These are packed in stout, reusable wallets, and supported by a backing board. Pictured are examples of Blisters patented ‘Play and Display’ jigsaw puzzles. The pieces are displayed in their made-up form behind a decorative frame-shaped clear blister. A flap on the rear of the card can be pulled open and the pieces removed. The jigsaw puzzle can now be re-assembled inside the frame, which holds the pieces together while travelling, confined to bed, etc. The header can be cut off where indicated and the resulting picture hung by the tab provided.