Shrink Sleeving

Shrink Sleeving

As of summer 2012, Blisters is now able to utilise the latest technology in shrink sleeving by use of an automated sleeve applicator and steam tunnel. Blisters engineers have spent the last 18 months researching and understanding this market sector and have carefully selected its cutting-edge machinery. The new shrink sleeving machinery offers the most versatile and effective solution to accommodate a large range of requirements within contract packing.

The steam heat-shrink sleeving technique may be familiar to you from drinks packaging such as Lucozade and Powerade, where a large label is heated by steam until it closely wraps around the bottle. This new service compliments Blisters existing radiant shrink sleeving facilities.

The following photographs show some examples of Shrink Sleeving projects that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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Blisters automated shrink sleeve applicator is unique in the UK with the added capability of also applying multi-pack bands (twin/three packs) and making it extremely competitive on price, flexibility and capacity.