Temperature Controlled Cool Co-Packing

Temperature Controlled Cool Co-packing

Cool Packing: Suitable for Chocolate and Confectionery
+10°C to +18°C

Our temperature-controlled cool co-packing services are ideal for chocolate and confectionery packing. Blisters can design and produce your chocolate packaging in full utilising our in-house facilities.

The chilled storage, the assembly areas and warehousing of both our temperature-controlled co-packing units have been prepared and equipped to the latest food-handling requirements. Heath & Safety and HACCP regulations are maintained both inside and outside the buildings. When packing consumable products, all operations are carefully recorded, checked and computerised to ensure complete ‘traceability’ of each and every batch that has been handled.

The following photographs show some examples of temperature Controlled Cool Co-Packing projects that Blisters have undertaken for clients.

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Additionally, Blisters can pack food at a controlled temperature of +1ºC to +7ºC, which is suitable for storing and packing cheese and yoghurt, or any other temperature-sensitive products.